Why Soft Sole Shoes?

Did you know that babies are born with only 22 bones in each foot?
By age five this number increases to 26!

The bones in a baby’s foot are made of soft, flexible cartilage that gradually converts to bone over time, which means the first few years are crucial to foot development. Podiatrists and pediatricians worldwide agree that barefoot walking is best for natural foot development, but little feet also need protection. Skips soft sole shoes mimic bare feet and offer the following benefits:

  • Soft sole molds to the shape of the foot to bend and flex with every step, promoting good balance and coordination
  • Non-slip faux suede soles allow little feet to grip and stretch while crawling or walking, plus they are machine washable and made from vegan materials
  • Premium sherpa insole provides cushioning for each step
  • Soft breathable fabric and elasticized fastening for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Provide protection from rough surfaces and dirty floors

Skips offers all the benefits of going barefoot while protecting little feet and being fashionable and fun to wear!